Baton Rouge

The rainbow flag flies high and free in Baton Rouge. Louisiana’s capital city teems with fun places where gays and lesbians can drop the pretense and eat, drink, party, and accommodate at chic hotels. Even though Baton Rouge’s LGBT scene isn’t as strong as in New Orleans, which is just an hour and a half drive away, this is still a pretty accepting city, where gays and lesbians are welcomed and integrated.

All of Baton Rouge’s gay-friendly and gay hotspots are near the downtown area, just steps away from most of the city’s main attractions, hotels, and government buildings.

Hound Dogs is Baton’s Rouge main gay bar, a friendly neighborhood bar, great for meeting friends or making new ones. If you want to dance the night away, head to Splash Baton Rouge, the largest gay dance club in the city, which features a rather impressive dance floor and seven different rooms.

Restaurants and bars, pride celebration, dance clubs, concerts, and shops, Louisiana’s capital has a bit of everything. Here are 13 of the best places in Baton Rouge where you can have fun as a gay person.

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