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Chicago is, undoubtedly, America’s best sports town. But not everything here is synonymous with baseball, football, basketball, or any other sporting event. With a major theater scene, a strong tradition of music and musical innovation, and historical landmarks, the Windy City is a center of culture, entertainment, and diversity. 

Chicago, America’s third largest city after New York and Los Angeles, has one of the fastest growing gay populations in the country. Boystown, which has been voted the world’s most “Incomparable Gay Neighborhood” by readers of Out Traveler in 2014, is the center of the gay scene, but great gay bars can be found everywhere. Home to a vibrant and thriving community, Boystown is filled with some of the best of Chicago’s gay bars, clubs, hip restaurants, and trendy shops.

Andersonville is another district with a dedicated gay scene, and you will find many gays and lesbians living, dining, and partying there.

With plenty to do all year-round, Chicago offers a great variety of attractions. The city’s rich architecture and historical landmarks will be a delight for cosmopolitan travelers. Those interested in sports will surely find a game or two that they would love to attend, while shopaholics will find a fashion wonderland at Chicago’s malls and boutiques. 

You shouldn’t miss the Chicago Pride Weekend, a two-day festival that takes place on the final weekend in June of each year.

A major arts, commerce, dining, and shopping scene, Chicago is sure to offer you and experience you will never forget.

Best Gay Clubs In Chicago

Chicago has long been synonymous with baseball, football, basketball, and well any other sporting event, and this blue collar town is proud of its hard working history. What surprises many people is that The Windy City also has a thriving art and social scene that is hard to beat. When you are discussing nightlife in Chicago, it is impossible not to mention the hip and trendy Boystown neighborhood. Boystown, Chicago is not only the oldest recognized gay and lesbian neighborhood in the United States, it is also a vibrant and thriving community complete with some of the best Chicago gay bars, Chicago gay clubs, gay saunas, and trendy shops. No matter what you are looking for in Chicago, you are sure to find it in this exciting neighborhood.


For great shopping, take a stroll down the lovely tree lined Broadway Avenue. Located in Chicago's affluent Lakeview district, it is easy to find the perfect outfit in one of these hip and trendy shops. Rare book sellers and unique gift shops are also open for browsing and for buying. The Lakeview area also gives visitors and residents easy access to some of the most beautiful views of Lake Michigan. On top of the very gay Hollywood beach area, Chicago and the Lakeview area are also home to some of the most spectacular beaches on Lake Michigan.


As evening falls on Chicago, Boystown really comes alive. On Halstead Street, over thirty LGBT nightclubs and restaurants are getting ready to party the night away. Running north and south, alongside Broadway Avenue, it is a short walk from many of the gay hotels Chicago has located close to the action. Start the evening off with drinks at one of the charming neighborhood gay bars in Chicago, it is also a good way to meet some of the local residents. One of the great things about the gay bars in the area is that almost every night there is something new and exciting happening in the city.


If the evening calls for some German music and strong German beer, then Chicago has a gay bar that can bring out the Germanic heritage in anyone. Whether it is boot stomping country and western music, or smooth and sultry jazz played with a lake view, everyone is sure to find what they are looking for. End the evening with a romantic stroll along the beach before heading back to the hotel.

For a once in a lifetime event visit Northalsted Market Days. It’s Chicago’s largest LGBT event spanning 6 blocks and serving over 100,000 people. The event brings in the hottest names in music and is famous for its large variety of art and food vendors.

Sometimes an evening of hip swinging and dancing can result in a sore and achy morning, to help ease the sore, tired muscles, there is nothing like a day at the spa. Many hotels offer great spa amenities, but if the muscles are screaming for additional help, a LGBT friendly sauna in Chicago has to offer may be just what the doctor ordered. Simply melt into the table as a licensed massage therapist rubs away the previous night's aches and pains, then doze off in the steam room. After a day spent at one of these great sauna's, dancing the night away, does not seem like a problem at all.

The Windy City may be home to some of the country's most enthusiastic sports enthusiasts, but it is also home to a hip and thriving gay and lesbian community. Take a stroll through the beautiful Lakeview area and spend some time in historic Boystown. Dance the night away some of the gay clubs Chicago has to offer. It is sure to be an experience that will always be remembered.

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