Kansas City


Toto, this is not Kansas City anymore, but a queer-friendly city!


Although considered to be one of America’s most conservative cities, Kansas has a rather large and strong gay community. While it’s true that their legislation regarding LGBT rights is controversial, Kansas City is a very open and LGBT-friendly city, just like other large urban areas.


Like other LGBT-friendly cities in the mid and southwest, there is no specific "gayborhood" in Kansas City, but an vibrant mixture of bars, clubs, and restaurants that are open and welcoming to LGBT people. You will find most of them in downtown Kansas City, but there are other neighborhoods where the rainbow flag flies high, like the Westport, Crown Center, or the Power and Light District. 


Home to a vibrant country and bluegrass scene, it would be only natural to find at least one good country gay bar in Kansas City. Most queer cowboys hang out at Sidekick’s Saloon, a small country bar in the middle of Main Street.


Cowboys aside, Kansas City has a surprising number of cabaret bars, LGBT-friendly dance clubs and bars, and fabulous drag acts.


Kansas City's LGBT scene may still be looking for its voice, but there are many friendly hotspots to make you feel welcome and accepted.