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Who else wants to party in shiny happy Naples?

If you haven’t been to Naples yet, you should probably put Naples, one of the happiest gay cities in the US, on the list. Spectacular beaches, shopping centers, luxurious accommodations, fancy restaurants, and a refreshing nightlife, the folks down in Naples sure know how to live the good live and have fun.

With plenty of things to do all year round, Naples is a great destination for gay travelers. Anything from restaurants to gyms, salons, spas, and even gay clubs are here for you to take your pick and enjoy.

You will feel welcome in Naples, as many of their establishments are gay-friendly, and have a “come as you are” policy.

With so many fun things to do and so many wonderful places to visit, the hardest question is: where should you head to first? Should you spend your time at the beach gazing at all the male eye candy or should you dive in the city’s culture, while enjoying some fresh local seafood?

 Whatever you choose, rest assure you will not be disappointed.


Bistro 821Bistro 821

Located in the heart of Old Naples, on cosmopolitan Fifth Avenue South, Bistro 821 is a beautiful and sophisticated gay-friendly restaurant. There, you’ll find a soothing ambiance and a varied menu, including seafood, pastas, steaks, and delicious deserts.


Foxboro Sports TavernFoxBoro Sports Tavern 

It’s all wicked food, killer cocktails, awesome service, and lots of TVs at FoxBoro Sports Tavern. You’ll probably be comfortable wearing your team’s t-shirt, but even without it, everyone is invited to the party.






A “Bonnie & Clyde” setting, barbershop chairs, a whizzer motorcycle, and antiques – Spanky’s is all about the surroundings of yesteryear. They open their doors every day at 11AM, except for Sundays. Their portions are generous and the staff is super-friendly.


The Cider Press CafeThe Cider Press Café

The Cider Press Café offers a fine dining experience in a casual setting. Even though their menu is entirely raw vegan, the food is phenomenal. An attentive stuff will help you accommodate and get through the menu.








 A casual spot to grab a beer before or after dinner, Bambusa Bar & Grill is a popular hangout for the gay community in Naples. This is a no-frills spot where you can enjoy their karaoke, maybe their bitchy bingo night, or just meet new people.




The Real Macaw

Set in a Caribbean setting, with tropical birds, waterfall, and fine food, The Real Macaw is a great place to go whenever you feel like listening to some live music. They also have an outdoor dining option and some tempting happy hour specials.


Food & ThoughtFood & Thought

Food & Thought is more than an organic general store, is a community of like-minded people, interested in organic food, sustainable clothing options, and fresh meals made from scratch.





Yabba Island GrillYabba Island Grill

“Come for the food – stay for the fun!” This is the motto the folks at Yabba Island Grill live by. Opened until late at night, this tropical-island inspired restaurant is populated by youngsters, attracted by the reasonably priced drinks it offers.



Mangrove Café

Located on trendy Fifth Avenue South, Mangrove Café has its doors opened to anyone. Known for their fresh local seafood and their “come as you are policy”, this café is one of the best gay hotspots in Naples.


Chops City GrillChop’s City Grill

Don’t be confused, Chop’s City Grill isn’t an ordinary steak house, but one created to offer the best in steaks, seafood, and style. And they do live up to their mission. Featuring conceptual dishes made with their own dry aged steaks, this place is a must-visit.


Michael Thomas Hair DesignMichael Thomas Hair Design

For more than 16 years, Michael Thomas Hair Design has been one of Naples’ top salons. Specialized in customized haircuts and hair design for men and women, they offer some of the best services and treatments in Naples.



Alex Day Spa & SalonAlex Day Spa & Salon

Shake the work stress away at gay-friendly Alex Day Spa and Salon and prepare to get the best massage and spa experience in town.






Naples manages to satisfy every taste and need – from leather daddy joints to go-go boys venues to gay-friendly restaurants, shops, spas and salons, there is something for everyone.


So, what’s the best gay hot spot in Naples?

Where’s the best place to be happy and gay? Naples, Florida!

Want to know where the best place to be happy and gay? Naples Florida should be the first place that comes to your mind. Naples Florida really lives up to its motto “Where urban amenities meet small town living” but it should include another one. “Where people who want to be happy and free flock to!”.

There are gay bars Naples is proud of and lots of patrons visit to enjoy the company of other members in the LGBT community. Naples knows that people who are part of this radical lifestyle know how to have a great time. And by having a great time, that means LGBT people are more likely to spend to enjoy life to the fullest. Knowing this, the city has over the years increased the number of establishments and facilities targeted to serving this specific demographic. You’ll literally find hundreds of thousands of these urban amenities scattered all over the city. Anything from restaurants, to wellness centers, gyms, salons, spas and yes even gay clubs are here for you to take your pick and enjoy.

Naples takes pride in being one of the cities in America who openly support the rights of the LGBT community and gay pride. That’s why so many establishments in this city do not discriminate the gender of both locals and visitors. So what can you find in Naples? The question should be: What won’t you find in Naples? There are so many beautiful places to enjoy in Naples that you might end up getting confused which place to visit first. You want to spend time at the beach? There are several beaches along Naples that are well populated by beautiful people either sunning themselves, socializing, or just plainly strutting themselves on the beach.

Bottom line, you’ll get an eyeful of attractive things to see everywhere you look! For those who would much prefer to visit the city, there are several shopping malls, boutiques, salons, and other establishments that would enhance your experience. There are also gyms, saunas, and spas meant to enrich your inner self with peace and tranquility through meditation, yoga or stress relieving massages.

Of course there are those who prefer to take in the natural beauty. You’ll be pleased to know there are lots of parks and areas. After all, it does still have that small town feel to it. And if you want to party all night long, you won’t be disappointed to find a lot of gay clubs and bars dotting the city and lighting up the dark with strobe lights and anything from rock music to disco, hip-hop, and trance music to suit the particular mood you’re in that night. It’s also an excellent way to socialize and meet other people who share the same interests, passion and lifestyle you have. Just think about it, with a couple of drinks this could be the start of a long lasting friendship!

So there you have it, everything you’ll ever need over a weekend vacation to get the most out of life in a place far from your usual grind. So where’s the best place to be happy and gay? Naples Florida of course!