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New Haven: The Gayborhood’s guide to gay college town

There are some things in New Haven that appeal to the cosmopolitan gay traveler: the upscale restaurants, the museum and art galleries, the abundance of theater play, the bustling nightlife, and the college lifestyle.

Yale, one of the best universities in the country is the center of all things gay in New Haven and a trendsetter for the gay campus culture. Boasting a large number of LGBT students and organizations, Yale contributes to the open-mindedness and gay-friendliness of the city, spreading its intellectual influence across the town’s hotels, bars, and restaurants.  

The historic Chapel Street District is New Haven’s gayborhood and where much of the fun takes place. Most bars, clubs, and restaurants are here at walking distance one from another.

For foodies, New Haven has a rather large number of restaurants, serving anything from American fare to Latin cuisine and organic food.

Art lovers can visit one of New Haven’s outstanding museums, such as Yale Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, or Peabody Museum of Natural History. This college town also has an exciting theater scene and many shows have their pre-Broadway run here.

A college city par excellence, knows how to throw a party. Any time of the week you will find something going on in this city. From queer hangouts to gay dance clubs, New Haven has plenty of gay-friendly venues catering to the young and the restless.


168 York Street Cafe168 York Street Café

Nestled in the heart of Yale University, in a brownstone building, 168 York Street Café is the only gay owned and operated bar in New Haven. Open seven days a week, they serve dinner and Sunday brunches and have some of the best drink specials in town.


Partners CafePartners Café

Spread over two floors, Partners Café is undoubtedly one of the best gay hotspots in New Haven. A big venue, with a video lounge and pool room downstairs, and a dance floor on the second floor, Partners Café offers delicious alcohol slurps in a lively atmosphere. Check out their Latin dance parties on Fridays and their leather parties on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month.



Whether you want to eat, drink, or dance the night away, The Bar is the place for you. An eatery, a pub, and a club, the Bar can satisfy any mood and need. The good food, strong drinks, and fun and welcoming atmosphere drives in a mostly young and queer clientele.


116 Crown116 Crown

This five-star restaurant in Ninth Square speaks sophistication and genteel manners. Founded in 2007, 116 Crown has been known for its outstanding onyx bar and creative cocktails. Calling itself a “gathering place”, 116 Crown is a unique experience that must be tried at least once.


College Street CyclesCollege Street Cycles

College Street Cycles is New Haven’s premier source for professional cycling services. Catering to all cycling needs, they can fix your flat tire, rebuild your shocks, and straighten your wheels, and so on. Located near Yale’s Old Campus, the bike shop is overflown with students.


Bentara RestaurantBentara Restaurant

“Bentara” means the king’s highest servant in Malaysian, a name that this ethnic restaurant has managed to live up to since it’s opening in 1995. Elegant and welcoming, with a staff that go out of their ways to engage you, Bentara is student’s go-to place for special festivities. A must-go is you want to experience authentic Malaysian cuisine.


Miya's SushiMiya’s Sushi

When it first opened in 1982, Miya’s Sushi was New Haven’s first sushi bar. Although running for more than 30 years, Miya’s kept fresh and modern, constantly improving its service. Now is one of the most appreciated restaurants in New Haven’s and the go-to place for Japanese food and inventive dishes.



ZINC opened its doors in 1999 and won its place in New Haven’s residents by offering delicious contemporary American fare, creative drinks, and top-notch service. Conveniently located, it’s a great place to meet some friends before a theater play or a night out.


Soul de Cuba CafeSoul de Cuba Café

Soul de Cuba Café was founded on the idea of promoting and preserving Afro-Cuban culture through traditional Cuban and African food and art. A comfy dining room, with Cuban memorabilia, and numerous artworks, Soul de Cuba Café invites anyone who wants to discover Afro-Cuban cuisine and history.


Lucky Chao New HavenLucky Chao New Haven

Located at the corner of Temple and Crown Street, Lucky Chao is New Haven’s premier Asian-fusion restaurant. A unique dining experience in a casual environment, Lucky Chao features a sushi bar, a well-rounded menu, and an extensive wine list.


Atticus Bookstore-Cafe

Atticus Book Store-Café

An independent bookstore and café, Atticus Book Store-Café has been serving New Haven’s residents for more than 30 years. The perfect destination for bookworms, Atticus offers an impressive selection of sandwiches and salads and an even more impressive selection of books. Moreover, the bookstore also regularly hosts art exhibitions.



Artisan cheeses, French olive oils, Italian chocolates, hormone-free meats, and spices from all over the world – Caseus is a gourmet’s heaven. Visit this one-of-a-kind store and explore a vast selection of flavors and artisanally produced items.